Selasa, 25 Oktober 2011

Learning from Mistakes

What do you think about B.A.D?
You can say:
  1.   unpleasant
  2. full of problems
  3.  bad weather
  4.  bad dream
  5.   bad habit
  6.  bad behavior
  7.  Bad Grammar (may be its me…LOL)
  8. Bad looking
  9. Bad people
But how about Bad-Min-ton (LOL….joking) bad-min-ton is not included what I mean for B.A.D.
Nowadays bad can anywhere, anytime and anyone can become a bad. Trust me or not you can try observing and seeing what happens around you. 

Your sister or brother, mom and dad, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, teacher, roommate and etc. all can cheat on you anytime and anywhere. But it’s no point to not trust them at all. Don’t do that, because B.E.L.I.E.V.E is very important in any kind of relationship. Without trust and Believe you can’t going anywhere and you are nothing.

If you don’t people do something bad to you, don’t do it! 

If you not ready become a bad person, don’t do it because it’s YOU who hurt most.

If people do something bad to you, takes it easy and solve it.
Don’t do something rush because it waste your time. COOL its Right word… -I think-

So, try becoming a patience person from bottom your heart. Bad and Good things always come to us because God wants to test us either we a bad or good person.

KataRatu: Learning from Mistakes

Isnin, 24 Oktober 2011

New Task New Things

Trial Project (Cricket)

I choose this project because cricket is very interesting insect.So, i study its life cycle from the egg until become adult. lets follow cricket Life cycle...its maybe take more than 1 month to become adult

Eggs of Cricket

This is my first time to see the cricket eggs, the eggs were incubated for 10 days  but its still not hatch

So, i keep waiting, now all my cricket's eggs start hatch.

newly hacth juveniles

So, that all because this project still in progressing

kata Ratu: bela cengkerik ni dari awal, boleh tengok dorang menetas...hehe